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personalized health

Sendo Health is the ideal health App, with a multidisciplinary approach in which we offer everything you need to achieve the best results. Science and technology united to plan your perfect health programs.

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Sendo Health’s intelligent system allows each user to have a personalized health plan at their fingertips. Nutrition and physical activity programs, advice on stress and sleep management, device integration, chat with human professionals. A universe of possibilities in your health App.

Personalized nutrition

Healthy nutrition is a fundamental pillar of a person’s health. Many problems can be prevented through a personalized diet. Our nutrition program selects the most appropriate diets for each person.

Integral Wellness

It is the final result of our intervention. It is the final objective of our health program with which we take care of the end user and offer economic return and recognition to our partner/client.

Physical exercise

The other basic pillar of integral health. The human being was designed to move. Our intelligent personal trainer proposes the best training programs for each user to reach their goals. Ready, set, go!

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Have you ever thought about offering a personalized nutrition service to your clients? Sendo Health offers personalized diets at the highest level. Our nutrition app has multiple goals and almost endless possibilities.

  • Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc. menus. Up to 8 different options
  • Intolerances and allergies. More than 25 options
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Adaptation to global gastronomic cultures, recipes, ingredients, and composition of dishes.
  • Very complete and at the same time easy to use

Personalized training 

Our intelligent personal trainer will make training much easier and more enjoyable for your customers. Enjoy a balanced personalized training plan with multiple goals to choose from. And if you have a health problem, our specific training programs will help you prevent its recurrence or limit its adverse effects.

  • Over 1,000 HD workout videos
  • Up to 15 different goals: Weight loss, toning, health (diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cancer, aging), etc.
  • Choice of available equipment and training location (gym, home, outdoor)
  • Activities and video classes. More than 2,000 different classes and more than 12 types (yoga, pilates, spinning, HIIT, cardio, etc.)

FAQS generales

¿Necesitas más ayuda? Visita nuestro centro de ayuda de Sendo Health.

Try our system

Do you want to try our system to evaluate how to integrate it into your services?

We offer you the possibility to try all our content and technology, without obligation!

Artificial Intelligence – AI, at the service of health and wellness

Sendo relies on Artificial Intelligence – AI, to tailor its personalized nutrition and training programs to each individual and their circumstances. Personalized AI analyses the user’s data and evolution to reformulate the health programs for everyone. AI – artificial intelligence – has allowed our team of scientists and technologists to create a versatile and unique system.


Device connection

We connect any device, wearable, or tracker on the market to your app to offer statistics, gamification and extra motivation to your users. We gamify the improvement of the community.

Video classes -streaming-

In addition, we offer as a complement, the best on-demand video classes. Instructors of international level, enhance a greater variety and dynamism in training. Pilates, Spinning, HIIT, Yoga, etc. The best classes anywhere.

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