Sendo Diabetes



Sendo was created to design and tailor nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle programmes to suit your unique needs. No two people are the same, and therefore no two Sendo programmes are identical. You are unique, and your life conditions are unique. Artificial Intelligence and teams of experts combine to personalise programmes that guarantee the best results for your particular needs.  At Sendo, everything is built specifically for you.

Team of experts

At Sendo we offer you an expert team of doctors, nutritionists and coaches who will help you achieve your goals. All of them are specialists in diabetes. Through a chat system, you will communicate and share information and documents. They will have access to all the statistics and data registered in your personal file to analyse your evolution. Supported by data and Artificial Intelligence, the group of experts create an unbeatable team with the aim of improving your diabetes and your quality of life.

Connected devices

Although it is not essential, the synchronisation of blood glucose measuring equipment and activity bands or watches provides us with valuable information that enables us to constantly receive data on your indicators and your activity, and thus support the analysis and prescription of our algorithm and the team of experts. Sendo offers synchronisation with the most popular devices, from Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, Apple Health, Google Fit, Freestyle, Dexcom, Accuchek, etc.